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Secoya is focused on driving supply chain competitive excellence across today's distributed supply networks.

Competitive excellence comes about  through strategic business goals coupled with process excellence and agility supported by technology.

Leveraging a unique blend of engineering and technology experience Secoya brings a pragmatic approach combining diagnostics, process optimization, digitization and value driven implementation to solve complex go to market and supply chain issues.

Our mission is to enable actionable dialog that advances a company's ability to add value across their extended supply chain and maximize the business value from the processes and technology that supports your operating model.

Characteristics of Our Approach From the Perspective of Our Colleagues



“...(brings)...the ability to interpret things in a practical way that’s consistent with taking action.”​​
“...ability to move past transactional relationships to become the customers trusted adviser”

See Things From Multiple Perspectives



At Secoya, we strive to deliver a fresh perspective on your strategy, process, technology and execution for digital supply chain. ​​ 


​Always with business value as the goal and the ability to manage change effectively accelerating the value achievement process.


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